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Comfortable residential living within the city center of Prague

Experience life in a peaceful and private apartment building with just a few neighbors. Discover the magic of Liben, an idyllic residential villa neighborhood. The newly reconstructed functionalist villa Bílá Skála consists of ten apartment units that offer the highest levels of privacy and relaxation. Enjoy the cycling paths along the Vltava River, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding nature. Main roads and freeways in close proximity to Bílá Skála provide convenient access to the city center. Bílá Skála is a lucrative investment opportunity that provides first-class living along with financial security for your future.

About the project

RBuilt in the 1920s, the Bílá Skála residence is one of the oldest functionalist buildings in Prague. The name “Bílá Skála” originates from the white cliffs along the banks of the Vltava River, a stunning natural landmark. The functionalist character of the house is evident in the spaciousness of the interiors and the abundance of natural light.

The entire villa, including the garden, is reconstructed and modernized to 21st century standards. The villa is divided into ten apartment units, with layouts varying from 1+kk to 3+1. The top floors include air conditioning, keeping residents cool during the summer months.

Appartments offered


Apartment number Floor Layout Total area Terrace Parking space Price Accessibility Detail
1 1 GF 1+kk 21,4 m2 - 1 Detail
2 1 GF 1+1 37,4 m2 - 1 Detail
3 1 GF 1+1 34,1 m2 - 1 Detail
4 1 st floor 3+kk 81,9 m2 - 1 11 300 000 CZK Detail
5 1 st floor 1+1 39 m2 - 1 Detail
6 2 nd floor 3+kk 82,5 m2 - 1 Detail
7 2 nd floor 1+1 39 m2 - 1 Detail
8 3 rd floor 3+kk 75 m2 8,4 m2 1 Detail
9 3 rd floor 1+kk 42,4 m2 - 1 Detail
10 4 th floor 2+kk 43,5 m2 43,5 m2 1 Detail
11 4 th floor 2+kk 38,4 m2 - 1 Detail
Name Area Price Accessibility
Cellar 6,4 m2
Cellar 2 2,3 m2
Garage 11,4 m2


Bílá Skála is located in the Kuchynka villa neighborhood on the west end of Prague 8-Liben. The neighborhood’s architecture represents the era of the First Republic, with many typical 20th century-style family homes and villas. Bílá Skála’s location is ideal for those who desire quiet residential living, while also having convenient access to the amenities and job opportunities across the bridge in Holesovice. The villa quarter is easily accessible by car and all forms of public transportation.

Beautiful vineyards in Troja, a park, and paths for biking and walking along the Vltava River are in close vicinity to the apartment building. The neighborhood is surrounded by stunning greenery, and offers many opportunities for relaxation in local nature. Explore the trendy bars, restaurants, theaters, and galleries in the eclectic Holesovice district. The train station in Holesovice will undergo extensive renovations in the near future, including the addition of a major shopping center.


  • 1Bílá Skála Natural Landmark
  • 2Vltvava Cycling Path
  • 3View Květinářská
  • 4View Hercovka and Children’s Playground
  • 5Rokoska outdoor fitness area
  • 6Prague Zoo
  • 7Botanical gardens
  • 8Havránka Trail
  • 9Troja bridge
  • 10Modern Art Gallery DOX
  •  Bílá Skála
  • 11Stromovka Park
  • 12View Květinářská
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Gas stations
  • Supermarket
  • Post office
  • Holešovice station
  • Public services

    Post office
    500 m
    Holešovice station
    1 km
    2 km
    Harfa Shopping Center
    2 km
    Letnany Shopping Mall
    4 km
  • Recreation

    Rokoska outdoor fitness area
    200 m
    Cycling and walking paths on the Vltava
    500 m
    Modern Art Gallery DOX
    1,5 km
    Palmovka Theater
    3 km
    Prague Zoo
    3 km
  • Nature

    Kuchynka Park
    100 m
    Bílá Skála Natural Landmark
    300 m
    Vltava River
    500 m
    Educational nature trail Velká Skála
    2,5 km
    Troja Botanical Gardens
    4 km
  • Accessibility

    Kuchynka Bus Stop
    1 minute
    Prague Ring Road
    1 minute
    Holesovice Train/Metro/Tram
    5 minutes

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